Lasse Rafn

Open-source projects I've created

I enjoy open-sourcing libraries I've created during a project for a client or myself.

PHP Initial Avatar Generator Total Downloads

I found that my clients and my employeers clients rarely use services like gravatar, so I wanted to find another way to make avatars a tad more personal by default; and quickly realised that everone else does this; uses the initials of the logged in user to create a avatar.

This made me spend a few hours on my weekend, to create a simple package that allows you to generate such avatars super easy.

Laravel Dinero API wrapper

I work a lot with API's from invoicing systems and similar, hence why it made sense to make a API wrapper for the simple invoicing system "Dinero".

Laravel E-conomic API wrapper

Same reason above; LOTS of invoicing and bookeeping integrations. "E-conomic" is also a similar system, and this is a wrapper for their REST API.

Laravel Intempus API wrapper

Some of our clients use the timetracking software "Intempus" and I decided to pack the API wrapper I made for some integrations, into a library for Laravel.

Laravel Pipedrive API wrapper

My current employeer uses Pipedrive for their sales (and so does some of our clients), so to automate some processes; I made some integrations and this is the API wrapper I made to do so.